Today I’m showing you how to sew DIY Scrunchies with a bow detail. This tutorial is quick and simple to sew and is perfect for beginners looking to make a cute hair accessory! Download the Free Scrunchie Sewing Pattern here

I’ve made so many scrunchies in my sewing journey and have wanted to try making a more elevated one! So behold this adorable bow scrunchie that takes less than 20 minutes to make!

Materials you’ll need:

Supplies you’ll need:

Easy Video Sewing Tutorial


Step 1: Sew The Top Edge 

With right sides together, fold the main scrunchie piece in half and pin the top edge. Leave a 2″ gap towards one side. Sew the seam using a 3/8″ / 1cm seam allowance and make sure to leave the gap clear. 

Step 2: Turn The Scrunchie Out 

Take a safety pin and pierce the end that is away from the gap and push the safety pin inside the tube to turn right side out. Once you get to the end, align the side seams and pin around the small loop. 

Step 3: Sew The Small Loop

This bit can be tricky, so you can either sew the small loop using a sewing machine or hand sew. Once sewn, turn the entire scrunchie out through the gap we left. 

Step 4: Cut Your Elastic

Take the 1/4″ wide elastic and wrap it around your wrist to be the desired stretchiness. I made my 7″ wide, but you can make it as tight or as loose as you want. Then pierce one end with a safety pin. 

Step 5: Insert Your Elastic

Take the safety pin edge and push the elastic inside the scrunchie. Use your fingers to feed the elastic around the entire scrunchie but make sure to keep hold of the other end. Once the elastic is back out the gap, pin and sew the ends together. 

Step 6: Sew The Gap Closed

Push the raw edges of the gap we left inside the scunchie and sew it closed, close to the edge. You can stop here for the standard scrunchie. 

Step 7: Sew The Bow Tie Top Edge

With right sides together, fold the bow tie piece in half and pin the top edge. Leave a 1.5″ gap towards the middle. Sew the seam using a 3/8″ / 1cm seam allowance and make sure to leave the gap clear. 

Step 8: Turn The Bow Tie Out

Now pull the entire bow tie through the gap that we left, this can be a little fiddly but you want to push it through and use your fingers to pull the fabric out. Then use a point turner or pencil to make the edges nice and crisp. 

Step 9: Sew The Edge Closed

Press the entire bow tie to create a crisp edge and then sew along the top edge to close the gap we left and create more stability. 

Step 10: Tie The Bow To The Scrunchie

Tie the bow tie to the scrunchie where the seam is and make a knot. Play with the position and tightness until it’s even on both sides. 

I hope you enjoyed sewing this easy DIY bow scrunchie! If you’re looking to make stylish and easy clothes I have lots of beginner-friendly sewing patterns for you to try! Click here to find my shop. Happy Sewing!

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