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Now the days are looking sunnier, I’ve wanted to make my own DIY playsuit that would consist of two seperate pieces that together would make a faux playsuit. I recently released the FREE Etty Camisole pattern and I decided to hack this slightly and pair it with the Hena Trousers pattern.

Choosing the fabric

I was gifted this gorgeous black and red leopard print fabric from Rainbow Fabrics Kilburn and  used less than 2 metres of it to make this pretty jumpsuit. I love working with a crepe fabric and I found the drape of this worked perfectly for the vibe I was trying to create.

Hacking the Etty Camisole pattern

Below there’s a little illustration I’ve put together of how I hacked the front bodice. All you need to do for the front bodice is trace the existing pattern and follow the steps to create a new front bodice and front facing.

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