Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my latest make – my second Sicily Slip Dress by Sewing Masin and I am in love with how this dress turned out! All over Pinterest, I’ve been seeing gorgeous satin mini dresses and I know it’s turning into Autumn but I’ve convinced myself that layering jumpers and turtlenecks will make my dresses appropriate for colder months!

Choosing the pattern

The Sicily Slip Dress by Sewing Masin has been used a fair about by the sewing community and it’s so amazing to see everyone’s versions when you search #sicilyslipdress on Instagram. The pattern has two versions but I fell in love with Version A which has a strappy cowl neck and a very simple silhouette.

Choosing the fabric

At the beginning of this year, I purchased this beautiful satin fabric from Fabrics Galore and I had no idea what to make with it, I just knew I had to have it. I bought 1.5m (which was silly of me) as I never by less than 2m of fabric as it can be restricting on what you can make – but the idea popped into my head the other day to make The Sicily Slip Dress but a much shorter version!

This fabric is a golden/brown shade with small floral details and because it is satin it has a stunning sheen that feels so luxurious! It was suprisingly easy to work with even though it was quite a slippy fabric to put through the machine. I would say this fabric was less lightweight than the tie-dye satin I used previously but I much prefer the heavier weight as it hangs nicely on the body.


So the first Sicily Slip Dress I made was whilst I was in the process of moving to Berlin, so I didn’t get a chance to write a blog post but I have an image over on Instagram here. It was such an easy sew and I knew I wanted to make another one, so I did!

This time around I sewed a size B which fits incredibly well and I decided to shorten the hem by a fair amount. I can’t remember the exact amount but it was more than 7″ as I just went a little crazy with the scissors. I used to wear shorter dresses often when I was around 18/19 but have since felt more comfortable in midi length dresses, but I wanted to sew something a little sexier and because this fabric felt so luxurious it felt like the right project to try something different!

The instructions are super easy to follow along to and because it’s such a simple make I ended up doing the whole dress in 2 hours and then leaving it to hang for a day before hemming. The insides are finished with french seams which gives such a professional finish and is a real plus if you’re a beginner and don’t own an overlocker. I highly recommend this pattern and I’ve already worn my first Sicily dress to dinner twice and got so many compliments! All in all, a great pattern that looks even better if you choose the perfect fabric with a luxurious sheen and drape.

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