I wanted to sew this jumpsuit as soon as it was released! I’ve been wanting to explore and play with using brighter colours in my clothing more and I had the most gorgeous Burgundy shade Cotton Twill that I was torn between making this or a matching jacket and shorts. If any of you follow me on Instagram, you would know I asked you all to vote on what I should sew next and you picked this jumpsuit pattern! I’m always so indecisive on what to make next but I’m glad I tried this pattern out!

Choosing the pattern

So this is the Mirri Jumpsuit pattern by Papercut Patterns. I fell in love with the design details of the top and the whole outfit looks so stylish and sleek. I was hoping the style would suit me as it feels like such a staple, classic piece and I’m glad to report it does! The back has a zip closure down the centre back and a button loop closure.

Choosing the fabric

I found this gorgeous Cotton Twill fabric from Stoffe.de , their UK website is my fabrics.co.uk and this is the closest match I found to the fabric I used. It feels so silky and smooth and the quality is really great, you can feel how nice the fabric is. I was so drawn to this berry shade, it’s a colour I’ve never really worn before, so I was really excited to try this fabric out!


So there is quite a few pieces pattern pieces to cut out in this make, and it took me a while so I put a good movie on in the background. I decided not to interface any of the pieces the pattern suggests as I was aware the fabric I was using was a bit more sturdier and thicker than their campaign photographed pieces. I generally found the jumpsuit really easy to put together and it was completed in maybe 3 sewing sessions.

I cut out a size 4 because my hips and waist fitted this sizing bracket and I didn’t wait to sew something that may be too tight in the hips. I was slightly suprised though as that put me in the middle of the whole sizing chart, which made me question how large the size would actually run at the hips for other sewists that have a larger body frame. I found the fit at the hips great, but the top half at size 4 has way too much spare fabric. I did actually take off an inch at the top half side seams and that still is too roomy, so when I sew this pattern again I will need to size down probably 2 sizes at the top and grade that to fit the size 4 hips. So I would 100% recommenced doing a toile for this pattern as it seems to be very likely you’ll need to adjust certain areas.

I am definitely going to make this again though, with those changes and use a lightweight fabric because I really love the style and the vibe of this sewing pattern. Next time, I also might extend the zip all the way to the top and emit the button closure as it’s something I personally don’t love to do up when wearing. I do recommend this pattern, I just need to adjust it to fit my body how I envision because it is a classic and staple piece!

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