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Sewing a handmade wardrobe

Being able to create your own garments allows you to play with colours, styles and fabrics you may have never thought would suit you. Explore my range of patterns and blog posts to find out what I’ve been sewing lately and get inspired.

Tammy Johal


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Sewing The Stacker Jacket in Wool

Sewing The Stacker Jacket in Wool

Now it’s getting sunnier in Berlin I’ve been dying to make a lighter coloured jacket that is lined as it’s still super cold. I’ve been seeing cropped wool jackets everywhere and decided to take the...

Sewing with Caspar Fabric

Sewing with Caspar Fabric

This month I’ve had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Caspar Design by sewing a garment using one of their custom printed fabrics! They are a micro factory that not only allows you to use...

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