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Sewing a handmade wardrobe

Being able to create your own garments allows you to play with colours, styles and fabrics you may have never thought would suit you. Explore my range of patterns and blog posts to find out what I’ve been sewing lately and get inspired.

Tammy Johal


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Raman Dress Sewing Pattern

Raman Dress Sewing Pattern

I am so excited to launch my latest sewing pattern The Raman Dress! You can find this on my website here or over on my Etsy shop here. I've been lusting over making another dress that is perfect for...

March Dress Sewing Pattern Review

March Dress Sewing Pattern Review

Well isn't this the cutest dress you've ever seen! I'm a 26-year-old woman that feels like a 5-year-old wearing this and I LOVE IT! I've been wanting to sew a buffet dress since watching The Great...

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