Hey guys, I made another jacket!! I wanted to share my latest make that I am honestly super proud of. I’ve realised jackets and coats are definitely not my strong point, I find it hard picking the fabric for the pattern. I have actually made The Berlin Jacket before but I never wear that version as I now find the fabric too itchy to wear. So I decided to have another try and make this pattern again!

Choosing the pattern

The Berlin Jacket is an absolute staple jacket pattern that a lot of sewists seem to have had a stab at, you can search #berlinjacket on Instagram and get inspired by all the wonderful makes! It’s an unlined, longline jacket by Tessuti that features dropped shoulders and it just oozes a cool and stylish vibe. The reason why I love this pattern is because you can squeeze this out of 1.5 metres, which is always such a score!

Choosing the fabric

I’m now in love with cosy looking knit fabric, it’s probably because this time of the year it’s starting to get colder and I love to cuddle into blankets and soft things… so I wanted to create a jacket that I would mostly wear indoors in the evening, so it had to feel cosy and a little robe-like. This mottled knit from MyFabrics is so soft, and it has an almost fleecy white texture on the reverse side of the fabric which looks super stylish. I know this pattern suggests fabric that does not fray when cut, but personally, I find boiled wools really itchy and I was praying that this fabric would be somewhat suitable.


The instructions are easy to follow along to and this is definitely a beginner-friendly pattern – especially if you use a fabric that doesn’t fray. The whole jacket comes together so quickly, I ended up making this over the space of a few days and only sewing one hour each day. I used plain seams on the majority of the construction, and either used a double fold or my overlocker to neaten the edges. I made sure that none of the seams was exposed and just went along making it following the steps roughly. I made the pockets about 2″ bigger than the pattern as I wanted to be able to fit my phone in without it feeling like anything was going to slip out.

When adding the facing for the whole neckline, I sewed right sides together, understitched, and then folded it to the wrong side. Then I double folded the raw edge and sewed it down. I’m not gonna lie because this fabric is a little thick that section feels slightly bulky, but I class this as a loungewear piece so I don’t mind! I’m so in love with how this has turned out and I’ve already worn right after sewing! I’m in two minds of making a matching belt so I have the option to tie it in at the waist, more like a robe but I don’t know!

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