When I first started sewing, I came across The Peppermint Mag Wide-strap maxi dress and instantly knew I wanted to create this! Finally, two years later I decided as that I would make this dress for late summer.

Choosing the pattern

This pattern feels perfect for summer evenings as the dress has beautiful wide-strap details and a maxi length skirt. The Peppermint Magazine Maxi dress is a free sewing pattern that has a gorgeous elasticated back and no closures, so it’s perfect for beginners! I while ago I came across @Elbe_Textiles hack of this dress and I knew I wanted to give it a go!

Choosing the fabric

This month I joined the Minerva Makers Team which means you’re gifted fabric in exchange for a write-up about the item you decide to make and various photos. I decided to choose this beautiful cotton poplin in this floral pink shade, which has a great handle and weight. I am always wary about purchasing cotton online as a few times once it’s arrived it’s too sheer which would mean I’d have to line the garment. However, this particular cotton reminded me of the weight and texture of a The Ruby Star Society cotton I had used previously which was the perfect weight for a dress and didn’t require lining! So I was very happy with my choice!


This pattern has such easy instructions to follow along to and the steps are perfectly illustrated, there were literally no moments where I was confused by a step. The hack I wanted to do for this dress was to add gathered tiers to the skirt instead of having one long maxi length panel. I decided to cut the front and back pieces of the sewing pattern so the bodice would end near my waist and then I sewed the whole bodice exactly how the instructions stated. I cut a size B and found it fitted me really well and I was happy with how the elastic sits on my back. I did end up shortening the shoulder straps by 3″ to prevent them from falling down.

For the skirt, I have illustrated a picture of the exact measurements I used to create the tiers which I feel like worked out so well! I simply sewed the side seams of the pieces together and gathered the top of the skirt to fit. I hemmed the last tier by double folding the hem before attaching it to the first tier skirt and it sits just above the ground for me, making it easy to walk in!

This dress really feels perfect for late summer evenings, and I can’t get over how stunning this fabric looks in person – it’s just so fluorescent and looks beautiful in the evening sun! I hope you try this hack of the pattern, I personally found it really fun to just experiment and create something new!

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