I’ve always dreamed of wearing expensive looking pyjamas whilst sipping a glass of wine on a Saturday night, and now I can tell you that is no longer a dream! I’ve been seeing so many cute, top and shorts combos so I decided to give this project a go ask sew my own charming PJs.

Choosing the pattern

The Pipit Loungewear Set is a very beginner friendly pattern by Common Stitch. It is a relaxed pyjamas set that comes with a floaty top and easy wearing shorts. The top has fluted sleeves and a button detail down the centre front. The shorts have an elasticated waist and pocket details on the back for a comfy and stylish vibe.

Choosing the fabric

I was gifted this absolutely stunning fabric from Minerva, it is a Robert Kaufman Cotton Lawn in the shade Orange Spice and I can’t even explain in words how beautiful this is! It’s lightweight yet has a nice amount of shape, feels silky and expensive and the colour is so vibrant and rich. I have become quite a fan or Robert Kaufman fabrics and this has just sealed the deal even more. I wasn’t sure if this shade would wash me out but I really love how it looks against my skin.


I decided to sew a size 8 for the top and the shorts and they both fit really well. The top is just the right amount of looseness and the shorts don’t feel tight in anyway. The only thing I would change is in my next make of these, I found the rise of the shorts to be a little high if I pull them up a little too high (think camel toe) so I will add maybe 1 inch to that area next time to just make them a little looser.

Buttonholes are the bane of my life, I actively avoid using patterns that use them for fear that I will ultimately screw them up and ruin the whole project. After a few attempts though these turned out much better than I imagined and I’m really happy with the final result! Practise makes perfect, so it goes to show I just need to pluck the courage every once in a whole to just try!

I would really recommend this pattern, it fits great and makes me feel so boujee and luxe wearing these in the evening! Who knew nice looking PJs would make you feel so special and put together. The instructions are really easy to understand, nicely illustrated and it maybe took me overall 5 hours to sew this all together! I’m quite a slow sewer and like to enjoy the process of making so try not to rush steps, but you could easily make this in 2/3 hours. Overall, I adore this set and can’t wait to see how many wears I get out of this!

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